Monday, December 8, 2008

Visit with Santa

Visit with Santa:

So we made our annual journey to Gerten's to pick out our Christmas tree and to visit with Santa. I don't think we visited with Santa last year. Maybe he wasn't there the day we got our tree, or maybe I didn't want to bother with Porter being 2 mos old. Who knows. I'm fairly certain that Connor was ok with not seeing Santa since he was pretty afraid of him. This year he said he'd go, but he was not going to sit on his lap. He would just stand near him and tell him what he wanted. So, we got in line to see Santa, and Connor said to me "I've changed my mind. I don't want to go see Santa." Well, I told him that Porter was going to see him and he could just wait in line with us. He did change his mind again, and went up to see Santa. It was pretty cute too. Connor had been planning on telling Santa he wanted a Nintendo Wii, but chickened out when he got up there and told him he wanted some Bakugans. I told him he could ask for more stuff, so he did tell him he wanted a Nintendo Wii then. Santa said he couldn't make any promises, and told Connor he needed to not argue, to listen to Mom & Dad, go to bed when he is told and to turn the TV off when he is told. He just nodded solemnly while Santa was talking. Meanwhile, Porter was happy as a clam sitting on Santa's lap listening to this exchange between Santa and his big brother. Next year, we'll see.....

Getting our tree at Gerten's:

Mmmm, donuts:

Could life get any better?:

Connor's first hockey game:

Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Makeover

Whew, it's been a while since I last posted. I think everyone is busy right now. We have also been getting over illnesses here too. Porter had a bad cold for a week or so, and also got about 5 new teeth! He's been pretty fun to be around! Jeff caught some kind of virus and was sick on Thanksgiving and all weekend. Not much of a fun holiday, but we are all better now. Something to be Thankful for!

Porter has been walking all over the place and is really getting good. He hardly ever crawls anymore. He's also been making lots of animal sounds, like Baa and meow, and is starting to say a few words. He now says baby, and I think he says puppy, but it comes out more like doppy. He says mi for milk. I'm sure there are a lot more words that I just don't understand yet. It must be so frustrating to not be understood. I suppose a lot like a stroke victim who knows in their brain what they are trying to say, and it's just not coming out that way. He speaks lots of gibberish which sounds just like a very complex conversation. It's really cute. He's starting to dance too, and gives sloppy wet kisses when he feels like it. When he does peek-a-boo, he covers his ears instead of his eyes! Very fun. We all say "Oh no, where has Porter gone? He must have gone to Porterville". He thinks this is so funny. He loves to laugh and will laugh loud when something unbeknowst to us amuses him. He keeps us all entertained.

Cruising around:

Being Goofy:


Playing hockey:

Mugging for the camera:

Climbing on the train table:

Peek-a-boo, Where's Porter:

Baby Yoga:

Connor is doing great in kindergarten. He seems to be enjoying school and making lots of friends there. We were recently at the Spagetti Dinner and Connor was working the room saying hi to everyone he knows. It was pretty funny. He started playing hockey and is in Mites 2. His team is the Wild this year. He has a few friends from his team last year on this years team, and also has quite a few friends from school and the bus who are on his team. He has really been learning a lot of words and is able to read and write quite a few of them. He is always asking how things are spelled. He loves drawing fighter planes, Indiana Jones stuff and Star Wars stuff. He is obsessively into Legos right now and loves watching SpongeBob. He's hoping to learn how to snowboard this winter.

Tub time:

I am on a little vacation from work right now and am just enjoying having some time off. We are waiting for a visit from the accreditation organization for hospitals at work and everyone has been nervous about their visit. It's like a black cloud hanging over all of us. I just wish they'd come (preferably while I'm on vacation!).

We had a nice Thanksgiving at my parents. It was small this year, just us, my parents and my brother Mike, sil Lisa and their 2 boys. It was a little hectic with Porter and with Jeff there but not feeling well. I think we can all recall how relaxing holidays with one-year olds are! Oh well, someday I'll get to sit down and have a relaxing glass of wine!

Mom working hard:

Nellie hoping for a taste:

Jeff not feeling his best:

Reading with Aunt Lisa:

Reading with Papa:

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Connor had a blast trick or treating last night. He was dressed up as Indiana Jones, and Porter was a somewhat reluctant Incredible Hulk. We did finally get him to put on his hat and got a few photos. My mom came over and brought us KFC for dinner, some treats for the kids, and got to see them in their costumes. Papa is away on a hunting trip. We also got a shot of Connor and our neighbor girls Caroline and Cecelia who are twins. For fun I am posting a photo from 2005 of the 3 of them too (when they were 2 1/2 and 2). It's fun to see them getting so big. The girls are having their 5th birthday party today!

Indiana Jones:

The menacing Indiana Jones:

An Unhappy Hulk:

A happier Hulk with Grandma Joanie:

Family photo:

Connor, Caroline & Cecelia in 2005:

Caroline, Connor, Porter & Cecelia 2008:

The loot:

And lastly, a man who vacuums stairs! Gotta love it ;)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Look Who's Walking!!

Check it out:

Yay Porter! We are so proud of you!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall in Minnesota

Fall is in full swing here. We had a beautiful week last week and got to enjoy the outdoors. We did some jumping in leaves and also got to enjoy a beautiful day at Afton Alps Ski Resort where Jeff had a Cyclocross race on Saturday.

Jeff jumping barriers:

The next Ingham cyclist:

Connor in his race:

Porter had his 12 month check up not long ago, and is now 23lbs 6oz which is between the 50th and 75th %, he's 31in long (75-90%) and 18 3/4 in head (75%). He measures about a pound heavier than Connor did at 12 mos, and I think the length and head are about the same. He's still not walking, but will stand alone briefly and cruises around everything. He'd much rather crawl since he is so fast. When we try to get him to walk he sometimes will do it while holding our hand, but if he's not in the mood he goes all jelly bones on us. He's definitely got an opinion about what he wants to do. He has started saying baby, and said puppy once or twice for me. He makes a woof woof noise when he sees a puppy or just about any other animal as well. He has also said "Miaa" for a kitty but also says woof woof. It's getting a little frustrating sometimes because if he wants something he just says "ME ME" or points at things. If he's trying to tell you about something he says "Didi". He occasionally says Mommy or Mi-ommy, but says Dada a lot. He's has cut his first 1 year molar last week and is battling a cold right now.

Connor & his lovey "Puppy"

Baby Jedi:

Connor is doing well in kindergarten. He seems to be learning a lot, and is constantly asking how words are spelled, or what the sum is of 2 numbers. He seems to be making friends at school and likes going. He is looking forward to starting hockey soon, and loves being outside whenever he can. He competed in the kids race on Saturday and did pretty well, though he had a hard time lifting his bike over the barrier.

We are looking forward to Halloween on Friday. Connor is going to be Indiana Jones and Porter is going to be the Incredible Hulk. I'll post photos after the big day.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Little Monkey

Here are some recent photos of my little one year old monkey. He's a sneaky little devil, and I have to be on top of him every second. When Jeff's mom was here, we were talking in the living room, and he snuck into the pantry and helped himself to his Puffs!

A nice photo of Porter with Grandma Ginny:

Here is a photo of Connor with the giant bear that Porter got from Uncle Steve and Aunt Peggy:

Connor had his last day of soccer practice for the season today. We got some action shots, and some photos of Porter feeding Jeff a goldfish. He loves to feed us stuff lately.

Don't you wonder what they were talking about??:

My sister Molly and her fiance Jim were here for the weekend. My brother Steve had his big annual bonfire out at his farm this weekend. It was a fun time. There was a brief bit of rain and lots of distant lightning and thunder adding a bit of drama to the night sky. Porter did finally fall asleep in the sling, so we were able to stay a little later. I don't have too many photos from the bonfire though, but my sister got one of me holding Porter in the sling that is cute. I'll have to post it if she sends it to me. We also went to Stillwater for lunch on Saturday with my mom, Molly & Jim. Jeff had bike races both Saturday and Sunday, so he missed out on lunch at the Freight House. It was an absolutely gorgeous day that felt more like July than October. We had fun watching the boats on the St Croix, and even got to see the Lift Bridge go up and down.

Aunt Molly & Connor:

The 3 girls:

Pensive boy:

Lift Bridge:

Grandma Joanie & Connor:

Molly & Jim: