Monday, July 21, 2008

Porter's Room

I think I finally have Porter's room done! Well, we still need to get the computer out of there, but that may take a while since Jeff was gone this last weekend, and I will be working all of next weekend. At any rate, I'm really pleased with how it has turned out. I think Jeff thinks it is a little psychadelic with all the circles, but Porter seems to like them. I still have some rearranging to do to make it just how I want it though.

So, tomorrow is my last birthday in my 30s!! I can't believe that I will be 40 in one year. It's a little crazy. I guess I don't really mind it too much, except for the fact that if I want to have a 3rd child, the clock is ticking very loudly. I think it's probably pretty unlikely considering my history, but part of me would secretly love to have a surprise pregnancy (one that didn't require months of ultrasounds, injections, doctor's appointments, timing and emotional rollercoasters). If it doesn't happen of course I'm thrilled to death with my 2 wonderful, healthy boys! As for celebrating, Jeff and I and the boys went to Stone's in Stillwater for a very nice dinner on their patio last night. Tomorrow my friend Teresa will be in town for business and is going to stay overnight with us. I think I will request Jeff's delicious flank steak sandwiches for dinner. Tonight I am supposed to get together with Derham Hall friends for a drink.

Porter has his 9 month appointment with his pediatrician today. I don't recall if he has to get shots today or not. Hopefully he will do just fine, and I will post stats later.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Look out folks, we have a crawler!

A Day at Lake Elmo Park:

Porter started crawling last weekend! Now he's a little speed demon. I had to run around finding all of the outlet covers, and telling Connor we have to be extra careful now about little lego pieces and magnetix. Luckily now that Connor's room is redone we have a place for all his little toys.

Jeff & I have been busy getting Porter's room painted, and my mom came over to hang valances in each of the boys' rooms. They are finally starting to come together. Porter's room is green now with a green gingham valance. My next project will be to paint some tan circles and stencil his name on some of them. I will post a photo of the finished product, and hopefully it will turn out well.

Porter's new valance:

Goofy Connor:

Some of Porter's new tricks:

Note the nuk on the floor:

Connor got his hair cut today and the boy next to him got a faux-hawk painted blue. Connor thought it was cool, so of course wanted his own painted Vikings purple. The hairdresser thought Porter should have one too, so his is green. Porter's nickname for some time besides Bubba, Tex and Chief, has been Baby Hulkie. When he is frustrated, he balls up his fists, turns beet red and hollers. He looks like a mini Incredible Hulk, and that's what we are thinking of dressing him as for Halloween. The green faux-hawk just gave me some more ideas for his costume. I think he looks so darn cute!

Connor's faux-hawk:

Baby Hulkie:

Faux-hawk boys:

Blowing raspberries:

So big:

Little crawler:

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th/Porter is 9 months old!

Porter had his first haircut, a whole year and four months before his brother had to have his first haircut! I figured it was time when a woman at the grocery store said "Your little girl is so cute!" He just got a little trim at Kids Hair. He does look a lot more little boyish now!




Hmm, I think I'll just eat this sticker:

What do you do with this thing?

Oh, I'll just eat it:

We celebrated the 4th of July by going over to our neighbors to swim, and then a barbeque at my parents' house. We just watched fireworks from our windows at home. Oh, and Porter was 9 months old on the 4th. He's almost crawling and starting to do lots of fun tricks like shaking his head "No, no, no", blowing, doing Wild Indian noises with his mouth, and doing "So Big". He is still a crazy man in the tub and I feel like I need a wet suit to bathe him. He splashes all over and just loves the water. He has had fun in the pool too. As you can see he is quite actively teething as well. He wants to chomp on anything that he can get remotely close to his mouth.

Connor flying off the slide:

Porter splashing:

The boys with Daddy in the hot tub:

Boys with Papa Dan:

I'm going to eat the edge of the tub too:

wrecking Mom's display:

Almost crawling:

Trying to pull up on the table, but mostly trying to eat it:

Jeff worked hard all weekend getting Connor's room painted. He rearranged the furniture last weekend. We still need to add a few finishing touches like a valance and some wall art, but I think it looks great. He did a great job and Connor really likes his "new room". At least we finally got rid of the pink wall in his room!

Our next big project is to get Porter's room finished. We still have the computer in there and are planning on painting it green with tan circles. I will post an after picture when we are done.

Before Porter's room redo:

And finally, a funny Connor story. He was driving me nuts the other day, and I said "You're going to give me a nervous breakdown. He said "what's a breakdown?" I said "I would need to go to a mental hospital for some peace and quiet". He said "Could we visit you there?". Gotta love that kid. He keeps me entertained that's for sure!