Thursday, May 15, 2008

Connor's Preschool Graduation!

Connor's Preschool graduation was yesterday. Here are a few photos. I can't believe that he is done with preschool now and will be starting kindergarten in the fall! Time sure flies. It's hard to believe that we won't be back at preschool until Porter is almost 4 years old. I'm sure that will feel like it flies by too.

Here are some photos of Porter including his 6 month photos:

Nice drool huh? His top tooth will be coming through soon:

Connor inside of his blankie:

Connor & Porter in matching jammies:

Connor at his preschool picnic:

Connor's best buddies Henry & Liam:

Liam, Emma (Connor's "girlfriend"), & Connor:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Porter is 7 months old!

Porter turned 7 mos old on Sunday. I was working all day and Porter has had a bad cold since Friday, so I finally got around to taking some photos.

Not a great photo, but you can see his two teeth:

Such amazing flexibility:

I'm afraid I jinxed myself by commenting on what a good sleeper he's been. He had been doing really well for about 3-4 weeks sleeping through the night, or waking but going back to sleep if I gave him his nuk. Well, for the last week and a half he's been up numerous times, and I've gone back to nursing him a time or two during the night. Now I know part of this is due to his cold and will hopefully improve when he's feeling better. Still, I was hoping I could count on a full-nights rest, and that seems to be elusive for now. I know I'll get back to that point sometime, but I think I will have to do some more crying it out when I have a stretch of nights off and have enough energy to deal with it. Hopefully it will go well since he seemed to do well when we did it before.

Connor wanted to know why Porter was already 7 when he's still 5! Hasn't quite grasped the months vs years concept I guess. He was kind of whiny last night and wanted to go ride his bike when we were about to sit down to dinner. I said "Well, I'd like to go to Tahiti, but that's not going to happen right now either". He said "Mommmmm, riding my bike is not that complicated". Outta the mouths of babes.

Connor's tub photo:

Porter has been starting to eat some finger foods. He had little pieces of mango and some pieces of blueberry muffin this morning and cheerios and kiwi at lunch time. He also likes the mesh feeder with some frozen peaches in it. It feels good to chomp down on the cold fruit I think. He's starting to get better with the pincer grasp, but still kind of rakes stuff up into his fist. When he's on his tummy he puts his bottom up in the air and tries to scoot around a little. He's still not real close to crawling though. He's still not much of a roller at all. He's fairly content sitting with toys surrounding him and can keep himself busy if I'm doing dishes or getting meals ready. He's still a very happy and good natured baby and he's a lot of fun to have around. I'm hoping he feels better soon because he's not really himself right now.

Connor has been busy with playdates with his friends from preschool and also his friend Nick from Hockey who will be going to kindergarten with him in the fall. He has his preschool graduation next week! Should be cute. I'm a little sad for him to be ending preschool, but hopefully he will stay in contact with his good buddies.