Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a fun Easter this year. The boys loved their baskets. Porter has a major sweet tooth, so he was thrilled to get some candy. Connor got some small Lego kits in his basket, so he couldn't have been happier either. Church was a nightmare though! It's just not very relaxing or enjoyable to go to church with an 18 month old! Someday it will get better :). We had dinner at my Mom & Dad's with my brother Tom, his wife Jenny and their kids Danny & Meghan, and also my sister-in-law Lisa and nephew Michael. My brother Mike and nephew Louie actually were at the Masters! It was a very nice dinner. I was glad to not be working, and to get to enjoy the day with my boys.

There are some other random recent photos as well. Porter is now 18 mos and busy! He has been getting more physically active, climbing up on chairs etc. He has also started some tantrums where he flails himself down on the floor crying. It's really quite comical. I remember Connor doing the same thing around the same age, and you just wonder where it comes from. It's not like they learn by example. How many adults do you see doing that when they don't get their way?? We might feel like it sometimes, but most of us are just not that dramatic! I just have to try to ignore it and not laugh! Also Porter had his 18 month check-up and weighs 27 lbs 13oz which is 75th % and is 90th % for height (though I'm sure that will change given the genetics of his parents :) ).

Connor finally learned to tie his shoes!!! But, he needs to practice a little more to master it. He is also reading better and can read some easy books to us. It's fun seeing some new found skills coming out!

Finally, here is a funny video of Porter going down the stairs. He goes so fast in his little footie pjs. Too cute!