Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween & Fall

Catching up with fall, though it doesn't really feel like we've had one yet! I think we skipped over summer and had it in September and now we've skipped over fall. I'm still waiting! I really love fall, but it just hasn't been that enjoyable this year. I've had a hard time getting into the season. Both boys were sidelined with H1N1 a couple of weeks ago too. They have completely recovered now, but it wasn't much fun. Poor Porter had a temp of 105.1 one night!

It's not good when you have snow 4 times in October! Though the boys enjoyed it!

We did have a fun bonfire at my brother Steve's farm near Afton Alps. He brings dead trees over to the bonfire with his bobcat, drops them on and whoa baby, it's a BIG fire!

Porter with cousin Katie:

Mmmm...Giant toasted Marshmallow:

Connor and Porter had their pediatrician's check-ups together this year. 2 year check-up for Porter. He weighed in a 30 lbs, which I think is around the 75th%. Connor weighed in at 47.5 lbs which is around 50th% and he was 25th% for height. They both had to get shots. I didn't think Connor had to get shots, so it came as an unpleasant surprise to him! He was a very good big brother though, and read to Porter as we were waiting.

The boys had fun on Halloween. Connor dressed up as Obi Wan Kenobi and Porter was DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba. He refused to wear his hat or glasses on Halloween night, so it's a good thing I got a photo of him with it on the day it arrived in the mail! They got lots of candy, and I've had to exercise great restraint to not raid their candy too much! We paid a visit to the Oakdale Fire Station on Halloween too, and our neighbor Bill who is a volunteer firefighter was kind enough to let us in to look at the trucks!

Connor is Obi Wan:

Porter as DJ Lance Rock:

Random Connor stuff. He's been trying to earn some extra money to buy a lego kit that he really wants. He's been extra helpful, but always at a cost! He even wanted to do some jobs when he was sick with H1N1, but I informed him he wouldn't be doing any jobs besides getting better. Here he is helping to empty the dishwasher:

Finally, he brought this over to Jeff and I, and we both said, "Is that Jesus??" He was so proud of himself, he said "Yep!". Hmmm...Lego I think I've seen everything!!

Here is a video of Porter singing Twinkle Twinkle: