Sunday, May 31, 2009

5 Minutes of Pure Motherhood

The times I am "Up all night rocking" are few and far between. And mostly I'm quite glad of that, but last night Porter cried out at 4:06am. I went in and found his pacifier for him, but it seemed like something more was troubling him. He held up his arms and said "Rock", so I scooped him up and we sat in the rocking chair. Something about the weight of his head on my shoulder and his sweet baby breath on my neck as he drifted back to sleep was so precious.

I put him back in his crib after he'd fallen back asleep. I stroked his downy hair. When I got back in bed it was 4:11am. Only 5 minutes I'd been up, but they were 5 minutes of Pure Motherhood...and I loved every one of them.